The 2016 Elections

Hey Jim here and it has been a while. I have been busy with my business and with keeping up with the latest election news.

Well as you can see it has been an interesting election process so far hasn’t it? I mean who would of thought a billionaire who is more known as a reality tv star is now leading the charge for the Republican nomination. I tried to imagine myself going back in time to a earlier day when the nation was founded and if they had in mind a candidate like this.

I know not every president candidate had political ties and know-how back in the 1800’s but even still this had to be a bit unprecedented. Just his mannerisms alone makes many pause and take a moment to examine what in the world is going on here.

Recently I spoke with a man who owns a lawn and pest control company at Here is a guy who has been in business for over a decade and has seen and elected many candidates over the years. His take was this. Where have we seen in the last 20 years with experienced politicians at the helm make a real difference? What progress have we seen in Washington with their established methods within a bubble seemingly unaware of what is going on in middle America, where is the moving toward a better fiscal policy?

I had thought Bush Jr. fit the bill and while he did cut the budget he also kept spending. Some of it was obviously due to the wars but even still, he wasn’t being thrifty. I asked the owner what about his character?

His response was “Who cares!” It seemed he rather have someone get something done and be real instead of saying what we want to hear and then change once he is elected. He did have concerns though about whether this was all a ruse to get Hillary Clinton a better shot at winning the election but he couldn’t think that if it was planned that it would work so well up to this point.

The biggest thing is to wait and see I guess. One thing I find lately is that it seems largely out of my control. Who I have voted for hasn’t worked the last two times and with the house and senate in Republican control but not making much difference tends to keep my enthusiasm down.

At the very least this makes for a very intriguing moment in America’s history.