Why is so many worried about the front runner?

I see this in every election but so many get worried about the front runner in elections when it is so early yet in the race.

I can’t think of anyone who was in front this early in the race and actually won. If there was anyone then it is the minority for sure. Right now we just need to keep our eyes on the ones we want to win and focus on helping them. But not with money. Read my article on that one here.

I am not sure why there is always a front runner that fizzles out over the long haul. Maybe there is some kind of polling that needs to be adjusted. One thing people and media needs to realize is that there is a growing awareness in politics and more people are involved than ever before.

It isn’t some Tea Party movement that should get all the credit but they do bear some of it. Most of it is people are not seeing results like they want. Politics are local in that regard.

Just keep in mind the media loves to hype a guy and then watch them fall. Media outlets love to witness failure and much as they witness success.