What is “EOD”?

E.O.D. stands for Elections On Display.

In and around the world it is amazing how elections have become such a circus. Everyone is on display and everyone is open game. We fight over what is right and what is wrong.

It is nothing short of chaos.

What we see on fill display in my opinion, is mankind at his worst. We see how power and greed moves people to the spotlight. It almost takes a certain kind of person to able to withstand that kind of scrutiny.

Someone who isn’t afraid to lie about their life. Someone who isn’t easy to shame. Someone with a healthy sense of self indulgence.

Sure not all of them are in this mold. There are a few bright spots in politics. Can you name one?


Yeah I thought so. Maybe by the people for the people isn’t the way to go. Maybe there is no one good system to rid the world of its ills. One constant theme is that fact that man is corrupt with very few redeeming qualities. This should make us pause and wonder what is the meaning of it all.

So tune in with Elections On Display at Hard Cafe as we try and answer these thorny questions.

So long for now.