The Re-Launch

Welcome to The Hard “EOD” Cafe.

It is the election cycle and like every year it can get CRAZY! In this cafe we discuss and share what we see happening in politics today.

It seems to me that every 2 to 4 years there seems to be a surprise candidate. This year it is Donald Trump who is without question, a surprise. Or is it?

When you have politics like we have seen the least 16 to 20 years, it tends to create this kind of condition of folks who are just plain tired of the shit. People can tolerate someone who tried and failed but to not try at all or to pretend you really care, can onl go so far.

So far that even a billionaire can be an ieadl choice. Anything but the norm please!

We are all thinking of how easy it is to fall in the cracks and lat down the wrong path for everyone.

Well let’s make a change. Take a chance with a non politician for once. In fact the early days were full of those who had no really prior experience being a cheating lying crook.

So as we wait to see how shakes down as the nominee, we know change is sometimes better than the status quo.

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