The Hard Truth of Elections

So here it is. The hard truth.

Everyone lies.

Yep that is it. You will not find an honest politician in Washington D.C. anytime in history.

Now how big or serious is the lie? That is a different story. I am not condoning lying is okay or anything but let’s be adults and say there are differences in lying.

I had this argument with a good friend of mine the other day. We went back and forth on the seriousness of lying and whether it is okay or necessary sometimes.

I of course used the analogy of not telling your wife the truth if she asked if she looked fat to you.

He said of course I would tell her the truth. She may not like it right then but in the long run you will never have a better stronger bond with your woman. She will trust you completely and that trust extends through your whole relationship. From the bedroom to the car, it is that serious.

Well I am not sure we can equate Washington with relationships. He then made a point about how he runs his business. He owns a roofing company called and he would never do even a simple lie because all it takes is one little dent in the trust you build with you clientele to bring the whole building down. (pun intended)

He even elaborated on how a house is build as well. If you take an element in the formation of the house, you will weaken it. It may not show right away but over the years you will see it and it will never be right.

In other words the tiniest thing can blow it all to smithereens.

Like my post on free and far elections this applies as well. Once that cat gets out of the bag it would destroy the concept we have in a republic and very well could bring it all down.

What do you think? Is lying okay?