Are elections free and fair?

There has certainly been a lot of talk of how great our republic is. We get to elect our public officials who we want to represent us. The electoral process gives us that ability.

Our elections are supposed to be free and fair meaning everyone should have access to a voting area and that they will be open to the public. Plus they should not be paid to elect for a certain individual either or be forced to vote. This process allows us to have a certain amount of peace knowing whoever wins the election for any given office got there fair and square.

But what if it is not fair? What if some people found out how to rig it to their favor? Well that would be a big charge if it was the case.

They say you should follow the money right? Well in the last 20 years the money has skyrocketed in terms of candidates receiving donations. Pretty soon you will need to raise a billion just to compete with the big donors. They are already getting that close.

Who is sending this money? Probably a lot of jo smos like you and me but honestly that doesn’t add up. By the way, I don’t know why anyone would donate to a campaign. We should just vote on who we like the best and lines with our views. Why all the ads and mailers? With the internet these days and ease of access to bios and news, we shouldn’t have to do all the anymore. Have a couple debates and primaries and then get a winner at the end.

Anyway little people like me, if I were to give money, isn’t going to help a candidate get to the billion dollars. So he needs large corporations and rich individuals to give over millions of dollars.

I am not against companies giving money. They are owned by individuals who want a certain candidate as well. But there is evidence that this can create crony capitalism. That is to say that governments are run by the richest and biggest companies may receive favors in return for their dollars.

So money is an issue no doubt. How can we fix this? I might touch on that in the next article.

Second issue is false voters. I am sure this happens. When everything began to get automated it became easy to enter Donald Duck or Mickey Mouse. Could this really say elections? I am going to say yes on a small level. It doesn’t take much for certain heavily democratic or republican areas to win it when they get a couple hundred or a thousand fake voters to vote.

There is a problem with unregistered voters vote too because only the rule breakers benefit. They will do all the coddling and helping to get them to vote and in return, vote for the one we want. This is undoubtedly a problem as well.

In the end a candidate has the heavy lifting to do. Even with all the illegal possible methods, the candidate has to show he is capable and ready to take the office he is seeking. He can lie about it and make himself or herself look good. If they majority likes it then they will vote for them.

What can we do? Demand transparency. Stay of top of it and demand answers. If they don’t then kill them at the polls.

Until next time.