The 2016 Elections

Hey Jim here and it has been a while. I have been busy with my business and with keeping up with the latest election news.

Well as you can see it has been an interesting election process so far hasn’t it? I mean who would of thought a billionaire who is more known as a reality tv star is now leading the charge for the Republican nomination. I tried to imagine myself going back in time to a earlier day when the nation was founded and if they had in mind a candidate like this.

I know not every president candidate had political ties and know-how back in the 1800’s but even still this had to be a bit unprecedented. Just his mannerisms alone makes many pause and take a moment to examine what in the world is going on here.

Recently I spoke with a man who owns a lawn and pest control company at Here is a guy who has been in business for over a decade and has seen and elected many candidates over the years. His take was this. Where have we seen in the last 20 years with experienced politicians at the helm make a real difference? What progress have we seen in Washington with their established methods within a bubble seemingly unaware of what is going on in middle America, where is the moving toward a better fiscal policy?

I had thought Bush Jr. fit the bill and while he did cut the budget he also kept spending. Some of it was obviously due to the wars but even still, he wasn’t being thrifty. I asked the owner what about his character?

His response was “Who cares!” It seemed he rather have someone get something done and be real instead of saying what we want to hear and then change once he is elected. He did have concerns though about whether this was all a ruse to get Hillary Clinton a better shot at winning the election but he couldn’t think that if it was planned that it would work so well up to this point.

The biggest thing is to wait and see I guess. One thing I find lately is that it seems largely out of my control. Who I have voted for hasn’t worked the last two times and with the house and senate in Republican control but not making much difference tends to keep my enthusiasm down.

At the very least this makes for a very intriguing moment in America’s history.

Why is so many worried about the front runner?

I see this in every election but so many get worried about the front runner in elections when it is so early yet in the race.

I can’t think of anyone who was in front this early in the race and actually won. If there was anyone then it is the minority for sure. Right now we just need to keep our eyes on the ones we want to win and focus on helping them. But not with money. Read my article on that one here.

I am not sure why there is always a front runner that fizzles out over the long haul. Maybe there is some kind of polling that needs to be adjusted. One thing people and media needs to realize is that there is a growing awareness in politics and more people are involved than ever before.

It isn’t some Tea Party movement that should get all the credit but they do bear some of it. Most of it is people are not seeing results like they want. Politics are local in that regard.

Just keep in mind the media loves to hype a guy and then watch them fall. Media outlets love to witness failure and much as they witness success.

The Hard Truth of Elections

So here it is. The hard truth.

Everyone lies.

Yep that is it. You will not find an honest politician in Washington D.C. anytime in history.

Now how big or serious is the lie? That is a different story. I am not condoning lying is okay or anything but let’s be adults and say there are differences in lying.

I had this argument with a good friend of mine the other day. We went back and forth on the seriousness of lying and whether it is okay or necessary sometimes.

I of course used the analogy of not telling your wife the truth if she asked if she looked fat to you.

He said of course I would tell her the truth. She may not like it right then but in the long run you will never have a better stronger bond with your woman. She will trust you completely and that trust extends through your whole relationship. From the bedroom to the car, it is that serious.

Well I am not sure we can equate Washington with relationships. He then made a point about how he runs his business. He owns a roofing company called and he would never do even a simple lie because all it takes is one little dent in the trust you build with you clientele to bring the whole building down. (pun intended)

He even elaborated on how a house is build as well. If you take an element in the formation of the house, you will weaken it. It may not show right away but over the years you will see it and it will never be right.

In other words the tiniest thing can blow it all to smithereens.

Like my post on free and far elections this applies as well. Once that cat gets out of the bag it would destroy the concept we have in a republic and very well could bring it all down.

What do you think? Is lying okay?

Are elections free and fair?

There has certainly been a lot of talk of how great our republic is. We get to elect our public officials who we want to represent us. The electoral process gives us that ability.

Our elections are supposed to be free and fair meaning everyone should have access to a voting area and that they will be open to the public. Plus they should not be paid to elect for a certain individual either or be forced to vote. This process allows us to have a certain amount of peace knowing whoever wins the election for any given office got there fair and square.

But what if it is not fair? What if some people found out how to rig it to their favor? Well that would be a big charge if it was the case.

They say you should follow the money right? Well in the last 20 years the money has skyrocketed in terms of candidates receiving donations. Pretty soon you will need to raise a billion just to compete with the big donors. They are already getting that close.

Who is sending this money? Probably a lot of jo smos like you and me but honestly that doesn’t add up. By the way, I don’t know why anyone would donate to a campaign. We should just vote on who we like the best and lines with our views. Why all the ads and mailers? With the internet these days and ease of access to bios and news, we shouldn’t have to do all the anymore. Have a couple debates and primaries and then get a winner at the end.

Anyway little people like me, if I were to give money, isn’t going to help a candidate get to the billion dollars. So he needs large corporations and rich individuals to give over millions of dollars.

I am not against companies giving money. They are owned by individuals who want a certain candidate as well. But there is evidence that this can create crony capitalism. That is to say that governments are run by the richest and biggest companies may receive favors in return for their dollars.

So money is an issue no doubt. How can we fix this? I might touch on that in the next article.

Second issue is false voters. I am sure this happens. When everything began to get automated it became easy to enter Donald Duck or Mickey Mouse. Could this really say elections? I am going to say yes on a small level. It doesn’t take much for certain heavily democratic or republican areas to win it when they get a couple hundred or a thousand fake voters to vote.

There is a problem with unregistered voters vote too because only the rule breakers benefit. They will do all the coddling and helping to get them to vote and in return, vote for the one we want. This is undoubtedly a problem as well.

In the end a candidate has the heavy lifting to do. Even with all the illegal possible methods, the candidate has to show he is capable and ready to take the office he is seeking. He can lie about it and make himself or herself look good. If they majority likes it then they will vote for them.

What can we do? Demand transparency. Stay of top of it and demand answers. If they don’t then kill them at the polls.

Until next time.

What is “EOD”?

E.O.D. stands for Elections On Display.

In and around the world it is amazing how elections have become such a circus. Everyone is on display and everyone is open game. We fight over what is right and what is wrong.

It is nothing short of chaos.

What we see on fill display in my opinion, is mankind at his worst. We see how power and greed moves people to the spotlight. It almost takes a certain kind of person to able to withstand that kind of scrutiny.

Someone who isn’t afraid to lie about their life. Someone who isn’t easy to shame. Someone with a healthy sense of self indulgence.

Sure not all of them are in this mold. There are a few bright spots in politics. Can you name one?


Yeah I thought so. Maybe by the people for the people isn’t the way to go. Maybe there is no one good system to rid the world of its ills. One constant theme is that fact that man is corrupt with very few redeeming qualities. This should make us pause and wonder what is the meaning of it all.

So tune in with Elections On Display at Hard Cafe as we try and answer these thorny questions.

So long for now.

The Re-Launch

Welcome to The Hard “EOD” Cafe.

It is the election cycle and like every year it can get CRAZY! In this cafe we discuss and share what we see happening in politics today.

It seems to me that every 2 to 4 years there seems to be a surprise candidate. This year it is Donald Trump who is without question, a surprise. Or is it?

When you have politics like we have seen the least 16 to 20 years, it tends to create this kind of condition of folks who are just plain tired of the shit. People can tolerate someone who tried and failed but to not try at all or to pretend you really care, can onl go so far.

So far that even a billionaire can be an ieadl choice. Anything but the norm please!

We are all thinking of how easy it is to fall in the cracks and lat down the wrong path for everyone.

Well let’s make a change. Take a chance with a non politician for once. In fact the early days were full of those who had no really prior experience being a cheating lying crook.

So as we wait to see how shakes down as the nominee, we know change is sometimes better than the status quo.